Day 1

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


12:00 Welcome and Pre-Registration
Venue: Congress Innsbruck
14:00 Professional Site Visits for Delegates

 1) Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Alpine Regions
Werkstätte Wattens - Your Space for Lean and Rapid Innovation


2) Quantums and Mountains: Enhancing human understanding of nature and its laws
IQOQI - Institute für Quantum Optics and Quantum Information and University of Innsbruck


3) Mobility and infrastructure as a key issue in Alpine Regions
Brenner Base Tunnel building site

18:00 Guided City Tour
19:00 Briefing Instructions for Speakers
Venue: Congress Innsbruck
20:00 Apéro for Speakers and Early Arriving Delegates
Venue: Congress Innsbruck